Dr. Moschos A. Papadopoulos
DDS, Dr Med Dent

Consultant Orthodontics


The scope of his services is to provide orthodontic treatment to Children, Adolescents and Adults.

  • preventive orthodontics (early treatment) for young children 4-8 years of age (mostly with removable appliances)
  • orthopedic treatment for children in pre-adolescent ages between 9-12 years (with removable and fixed appliances)
  • comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adolescents 12-15 years of age (with fixed appliances, "brackets" , "braces")
  • adult orthodontic treatment (adjunct and comprehensive)
  • orthodontic treatment with
    • non-compliance devices and approaches
    • skeletal anchorage devices (mini-implants, TADs, etc.)
    • "invisible" appliances (i.e., clear aligners) of the Invisalign® technique
    • lingual appliances (brackets positioned on the lingual surfaces of the teeth) (lingual orthodontics)
  • orthodontic treatment in patients with
    • cleft lip and palate
    • skeletal problems requiring orthognathic surgery
    • temporomandibular disorders
    • obstructive sleep apnoia
    • craniofacial anomalies or syndromes