Nancy Eltag Mahmoud
Nancy Eltag Mahmoud

Dr. Nancy Eltag Mahmoud

Specialist Dermatology

Nationality : Sudan
Years of Experience : 10
Languages Known : Arabic, English
Qualification : MD (Clinical Doctorate) Dermatology and venereology
Location : Tajmeel – Barari Mall Al Ain
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Dr. Nancy Eltag is a Dermatologist with 10 years of experience in general dermatology diseases, dermatological and cosmetic procedures, and laser treatments. Prior to joining Tajmeel Al Ain, she worked in Qatar for 4 years and in Sudan for 6 years. Dr. Nancy Eltag completed her MBBS from the University of Science and Technology in Sudan in 2002 and then completed her MD from the Sudan Medical Specialization Board (2007-2011) in Dermatology and Venereology. Dr. Nancy also has excellent experience in cosmetic medicine and she obtained American Board Certification in Cosmetic from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and became a Board Certificate Holder (2013-2016).

Dr. Nancy has done many count-down training courses, including a Laser Course in South Korea in 2018, a Laser Certificate (96 h) from the Institute of Medical Aesthetic in the UAE in 2016,  Filler Course from AL Shariah University in 2013, and a Dermatology Course from the Science of Art and the Art of Science in Egypt in 2010. Dr. Nancy has vast experience in all cosmetic procedures and dermatological diagnostic techniques to identify diseases. She has experience working with people of various ages, ethnicities, and cultures, evaluating skin condition and appearance, and discussing available treatments to determine which product will improve the patient’s skin quality.


  • Lip, cheek, chin, hand, and sensitive area fillers

  • Thread face lifting and neck procedures

  • Peeling treatments

  • Mesotherapy

  • Hair treatments such as filler hair, PRP, Mesotherapy, and Regenera

  • Profhilo and Profound for lifting the face

  • Laser tattoo removal

  • Hyperpigmentation treatment

  • Laser lip lightening and volume enhancement

  • Stretch mark treatment

  • Double chin reduction

  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for face and neck lifting

  • Micro-needling for acne, surgical, and scar removal

  • Intralesional injections

  • Dermapen procedures for underage, face, and neck

  • DNA treatment for under-eye and face

  • Growth factors treatment for face and scalp

  • Electrocautery

  • Surgical biopsy

  • Mole mapping

  • Laser hair removal